Teaser Trailer

Character redesigns

Redesign for interactions

Mock up of possible romance interactions

Mock up of “evidence board”

Mock up of interrogation mechanic

Mock up of world map for navigation

Current UI in prototype

Current narrative and character design in prototype

Current character designs in prototype



The year is 2262 and you’re a tough as nails P.I. working in the slums of one of the last major cities in North America. Life is all missing kids and cheating spouses until a dame from the Upper-District barges in and changes your life.

Murdered sisters and flying cities, this case goes way farther than the banks of this one detective’s little slum in this indigenous cybernoir. A narrative (choose your own adventure) detective game that lets you solve who did it.

For this game I am working as game designer, narrative designer and project manager. This is the first game I have worked on with the intent to release a full-finished game for profit it is also the first game where I need to be concerned about budgets.


Game Designer / Writer


February 2017


Video Game

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