Tales of the Blue Valley

Game Trailer

Concept sketch for main character

final design of main character. Will possibly change the line colours to give it more of an old-school animated feel

Rough sketches for mouse villagers

Level progression map which includes cut scenes

Level interactions and possible player movement map.

Background building for level 1

Background building for level 1 with the colours and quality of the door changed to indicate to the player that this object can be interacted with. Uses the properties of the Conspicuously Light Patch of TV Tropes fame.

Starting area for game

Seamstress' hut with puzzle and interactive needles

Potions (memory) puzzle

The whole team ready for LevelUp 2017

Booth set up at LevelUp 2017

Player with mascot plushie


A touch mobile game developed for youth 7-10 years old.
Currently in development for release in April 2017.
Play as our young hero mouse and solve puzzles to save your village from a mysterious floating tower in the sky.

Click the link to download a desktop version of Tales of the Blue Valley (PC and Mac)


Lead Artist / Programmer


Sheridan Game Labs


April 2017


Mobile game; puzzle