Heat Death

The final opening film (sans sound) to show how the design of the storyboard actually turned out.

HeatDeath opening cinematic storyboard. I wanted the opening of this game to feel like an old school arcade game with an opening film as a grab screen.
Here I sketched out a storyboard to show our animator how the opening should look.

Opening Screen after the opening video. This used a spinning script on the logo to keep it interesting.

The spinning script that I wrote on the logo. This script was originally designed for the black hole.

An screen shot of the game screen

Here you can see the “even horizon” around the black hole that magnifies objects and the background that come near it.
For this I used a projection render material that showed what another camera was seeing, giving a magnification effect.

Close up of the “event horizon” effect


For this game I had to take on dual roles of cinematographer and coder.

This game was part of my final school Sprint Week. We were tasked to make a retro arcade game which was interesting as my team was specifically put together to make a board/table top game.

Despite having limited experience with scripting my team managed to put together this short side-scroller eat-em’up about a little black hole that could.

One of the unfortunate things about the short timeline coupled with my and my team’s lack of experience with C# meant that we failed to focus on game play and challenge. Which meant we ended up with a game that looked very nice, but where the mechanics were not used to their fullest potential and the challenge was very low.

Code: Elana Cincinnatus, Ash Lloyd
Level Design: Forrest Wieler
Art: Fish Song
Animation: Jennifer Yu
Music: Titus Ong


Cinematographer and Coder


Sheridan Game Lab


June 26, 2016


Arcade Game, Side Scroller Eat em’Up


Unity3D 5