Wanisinowin | Lost

Music: New Frontiers by Ross Bugden https://youtu.be/4NGZQqPpDMw

I ultimately went with the theme of being lost or unsure of your place in the world. It is the central theme and all the mechanics were designed around this theme.

When I was first developing the levels for this game I began to realize that I could get a better idea of what the platform-hiding doubt could do if I created a paper-prototype first.

I experimented with different platform placements. I wanted to know what would be too much or not enough information for the player when it came to the placement of the platforms.

If the platforms were too obvious then the Doubt radius was pointless, if there wasn’t any indication that there was a platform there the player quickly became frustrated. Paper prototyping like this helped me save time once I started implementing anything into Unity.

Once I was in Unity implementing Doubt became easy but then I ran into a new issue. There was no more challenge to the mechanic beyond blocking the player’s view.

I attempted to fix this issue by having the player’s light dim if they talked to Doubt, which worked well until I entered playtesting. There I quickly realized that once players knew to avoid talking to Doubt I had given them no reason to continue to do so.

I ultimately ended up with an interesting mechanic that I was unable to utilize.


This is the first game I made totally on my own, while working full time, that wasn’t a school project . While I was well used to the process of creating a game this was the first time I was totally responsible for ALL aspects of the game.

As I knew I only had a few months to create a game I decided to go for more of a demo than a full game, but still a demo that had a beginning and a natural feeling end. Taking a “chapters” approach to the narrative I worked out what would be the least amount of gameplay I could give my player that will give them the best idea of what a full-length version of this game would be like.

The answer to that question ultimately lead me to four levels each with it’s own introduction to a new mechanic.

Art by: Gabby DaRienzo
Code Assist: Andrew Carvalho


Designer, Developer, Writter




October 2015


Video Game, Puzzle-Platformer

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