Concept Work

Indigicade Poster art

Sci-fi/Cyberpunk character design

Snake Cree woman

Character facial sketches for a neighborhood mystery game set in the 60's

Experimenting with facial tattoos for Inuit character

Canadian/Tlingit Cop and Bear Game character concept.
Murder mystery game.

Background for Cop and Bear game concept.
Murder mystery game

Cree Hero character with prosthetic legs. Concept for Fantasy Canada RPG.

Pattern on Cloth: “Honoring my Spirit Helpers” – Christi Belcourt

Haudenosaunee possessed friend/ villain character. Concept for Fantasy Canada RPG.
Pattern on Jacket: “Misshipeshu” -Carl Ray


A variety of character and setting sketches or designs, mostly for unfinished or concept work.


Designer, Artist


Concept Work