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After writing the script for our Romance Game demo I realized that my team needed a quick reference map. The script is colour coded the same way as the flowchart, but I would probably put the lines in the flowchart next time.

Starting a new project! Going to be working on narrative design for a romance sim/light novel app. This one is a test run to see if we can make a dating app for the North American Audience.

I studied up on the most popular romance sub-genre’s/themes for the 25-30 crowd in Canada and it looks like it’s mostly Fantasy (like Harry Potter or Fairy Tales) and Cowboys… who knew?
Mostly this info was put together by looking at romance stats (which romance books are they buying), book genre stats (which books are getting bought the most), TV stats (what shows are they watching) and I also looked at video game genre stats.

Now to be fair, this is just me looking at a bunch of numbers and extrapolating based on what I’m seeing, I’m not really trained in stat analysis and I’m pretty sure a professional would have a much better idea of where the romance game app market is trending towards. So I could be off base but to me it looks like the big things women 25-30 go for in romance themes are stories that involve Cowboys, a Fantasy Adventure, Wish Fulfillment of some sort (like making it big or being recognized for being amazing at something), or a Sugar Daddy Fantasy (basicly having someone who can take care of everything so they don’t have to worry about money).

We already had a Persona in place who was all about being in charge of her own life so I figured she wouldn’t be very interested in a story about being taken care of. Keeping that in mind I wrote up three quick theme pitches each with only three possible love interests (because this game is a test run and there’s no point in writing more than three options when you just want to see if the idea works)

In the end the team picked the one about the Horse Ranch which happens to be the thing I know the least about (why am I not surprised, lol). Looks like it’s off to the big library for me…also I may have to watch several episodes of Heartland.