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In my last year of school I joined the Grad Committee for my program. That was a bit of a mistake since I had a huge course load and the Faculty wasn’t being entirely clear about what they wanted from our yearbook.
I ended up working with two other committee members to create this yearbook. Unfortunately, a Faculty decision meant that it was never printed. So I thought I would post some parts of it here to show off what could have been my program’s first yearbook.

The first image shows a mockup (and parts) of the yearbook cover. On the first page the reader would have seen the second image which was the logo plus 16-bit styles versions of each team’s main character(s).
The third and fourth image gives you an idea of the general page layout for the left (#3) and right (#4) page in the intro section of the yearbook. On either side would be one of the characters from a random team’s game.
For page five you get an idea of what the general “personal page” layout would be. Each student received a single page where they could show off their work and list their contact info (if they so chose).
And finally image seven shows an example of the interstitial pages used for “chapter” header pages or miscellaneous pages.

I was disappointed that the work was never printed, the team put a lot of work into making it happen but I’m glad I can at least show off some of our hard work here.

The logo and pixel art was created by Fish Song (www.gyoguts.com)
All layout design was done by me (Meagan Byrne)