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A lot has happened in the last three weeks! We got a programer, we lost a programer, we might have another programer coming on. It’s been a ride, but the good news is we’re still on track and one way or another we will have a proof of concept ready for October’s ImagineNATIVE! I have to say that I feel that if I hadn’t been using sprints for this project we might have been in trouble, as it is I’m finding I’m learning a lot about how to prioritize features and set task lists for sprints.

I’m getting to see first hand how useful Agile and Scrum can be, but also that what they provide is a way of moving with the flow not really a way to mitigate all future problems.

In the meantime Tara has done up some dummy scenes for promotional purposes and they’ve been a great way for us to start solidifying the artistic vision. In the next two weeks I want to have a functional build of the first three levels to test the movement before moving on to adding the triggered challenges.

I’ve started a new project, hopefully will have the proof of concept ready to go by September.
Basically, I’m making my Sealskin pitch (Which you can check out in my Pitch section). I’m working with a great new artist Tara @seaohso, check her stuff out!

Here I have a quick prototype of my controls, since I made this I’ve reconsidered my approach to the player controls and I’m now moving to RootMotion and NavMesh. I’ll be prototyping those controls for next week. I’m taking a lot of my ideas on motion control from Oxenfree by Night School Studio. It’s a 2D game but it uses a 3D space and models with a 2D world layered on top.

The biggest reason I’m trying this approach is that I have two characters and while I can also make it multiplayer I want it to be functional for a single player first before implementing two player controls and that means I’ve got at least one character at all times who needs to follow the player.
This was something I had started with in Wanisinowin but had to create a control that merely let the player switch between the two a la The Cave, however, I don’t think that creates the best narrative in this case so in to the deep with me!

More logos! Apparently February was the month of working on logos and while I’ve had fun, I’ve also realized that logo design is something I appreciate more than I enjoy doing.

Today I’m showing you the progression from the original Wanisionwin game logo to our new logo. My first plan was to just find a new font and then add a texture to it but those all fell flat and by the time we had agreed on a look (#2) I felt it was just too boring. I thought adding the Cree Syllabic to the logo would make it more interesting. The thin version just seemed too weak and the bold version was too strong, making both the roman and the Cree almost unreadable.
To fix this problem I moved the Cree down and then played around with colour and tone to get our final logo, which I like the look of but still feel it’s a little boring. Might be time to find a logo designer who can give me a hand.

Spent the week fixing up my team’s (very broken) Global Game Jam entry! It’s was a lot of fun and so very frustrating. Reminded me that I have so much still to learn.

I think the most interesting part was getting to work with Unity animation system again. I had been working on either just art or just scripting and I don’t think I’ve actually worked on animating sprites since last March. It was fun to play around with it again.

You can play the game here if you dare!

Finally got my first layout together!
It was kinda nice putting together all the pieces in Photoshop. I often use it like a workboard where I’ll make all the pieces I think I need on different layers and then just move them around until I’m happy with how they look.

When I originally started with my rough sketch I had imagined that I would be using way more of the bottom then I ended up using. In fact the only thing I really ended up using the bottom of the screen for was the student success wheel and the peer mentor tab. Seeing as I had all this space I ended up using it for the player character to show up and give the player feedback or introduce a new task.
I ended up adding a little bit of branding to the screen overlay right before the pitch and I think it actually made it easier for the client to buy-in when they could see as part of the brand from the beginning.

Note: I’m not showing the screens with the characters as I used another artist’s work without permission and while I’m a big believer in using whatever you can to show a client what their product will ultimately look/feel like this is my personal portfolio/blog and I don’t want people assuming those parts are my artwork.

Trying to work out the main mechanic for the game.
The student will be getting a whole lot of information in the tutorial on how to use certain systems but I needed a way to have the player practice those systems until they can navigate them correctly and without help.

So I decided the best method would probably be a resource management-style game where the player spends their time filling up their “wheel of student success”.

The first playtest gave me a LOT of feedback, mostly about how the rules were confusing and the goals were not clear, so now on to iteration #2!

Started a new project this week, creating a student life simulator to help students learn the ins and outs of navigating the post-secondary system.
Here I’ve started brainstorming to figure out what I want the actual game play to be like. I know that the system will be heavily tasked based (because that’s college in a nutshell) but I also want my players to have fun while they’re learning the systems they’ll have to use for real at school.
I have a pretty good idea about where the game play is heading so I’m going to start paper prototyping tomorrow!