I find that logos really are a huge part of selling an idea to a client. It seemed weird to me at first, I mean the real meat of the project is in the actual game, but I started to realize that a logo is a quick (though not easy by a long-shot) way of summing up what your game is.

Here I’m playing around with a few designs . I’m not crazy about them but it’s a first step in the direction I want to go. I’m limited by the school’s brand standards, but at least I don’t have to pick from a million fonts and it allows me to focus on the @ as my indicator of what the game is. I mostly looked to Simon Dean’s Designing Game Logos article on Gamasutra to help inform my direction.

Every font says something. In my examples above I’ve tried a few types for the at symbol. The first is round and soft, it looks casual but neat. The second is a little sharper looking, it speaks to a more professional look, less student friendly. The third is thicker, looks more like it was made with a marker. It’s causal and bold. With these first three I’ve woven the at-symbol through the two words to show how the game is about integrating life (as you know it now) with post-secondary school life.

The last is an 8-bit style, I don’t really like this one because I think it sets up an expectation that the game will be 8 or 16-bit style which is not what I’m going for.
I will probably come to an entirely different conclusion once I get some feedback on the designs.