Finally got my first layout together!
It was kinda nice putting together all the pieces in Photoshop. I often use it like a workboard where I’ll make all the pieces I think I need on different layers and then just move them around until I’m happy with how they look.

When I originally started with my rough sketch I had imagined that I would be using way more of the bottom then I ended up using. In fact the only thing I really ended up using the bottom of the screen for was the student success wheel and the peer mentor tab. Seeing as I had all this space I ended up using it for the player character to show up and give the player feedback or introduce a new task.
I ended up adding a little bit of branding to the screen overlay right before the pitch and I think it actually made it easier for the client to buy-in when they could see as part of the brand from the beginning.

Note: I’m not showing the screens with the characters as I used another artist’s work without permission and while I’m a big believer in using whatever you can to show a client what their product will ultimately look/feel like this is my personal portfolio/blog and I don’t want people assuming those parts are my artwork.